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DIY - Mother's Days Gifts

Craft With Me

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you are joining me today to learn how to make this beautiful DIY mason jar vase. I'm offering free printable downloads for this project.

DIY - Mother's Day Gifts

I love turning things that are just laying around the house into something beautiful and useful! When I was thinking about Mother's Day, I knew that this painting of mine paired with a poem I made up would be perfect for my mom! Handmade gifts that come from the heart are always appreciated in my family.

I hope you try this project to surprise your mom or use this idea for your next craft fair that is coming up. I'm sure they will fly off the shelves. There are so many variations that you can create so let your imagination run wild!

Here's what I used for this project. Be sure that your mason jar doesn't have any raised writing or the image will crease when you are applying it to the jar.

DIY - Mother's Day Mason Jar Vase

First clean your jar really well and make sure it's nice and dry. Next apply a very thin coat of Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium. This medium is perfect for the first coat when painting on glass. It provides a really nice layer for the paint to stick to. It also dries pretty fast and it's ready to be painted on within minutes, especially with the help of a hair dryer.

Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium

Next mix up your paint and coat the top and bottom with two or three light layers. Let each layer dry completely before adding the next layer.

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Now I went ahead and started layering my shimmering nail polish. I put on two coats and it gave the piece an antique kind of look. This is a really nice effect!

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

The next step is to apply the image. This can be tricky for a beginner so give yourself lots of time. Print your image and cut it out. Printing on regular printer paper is best for this project. Put a small amount of Mod Podge directly on the glass and smooth it around. Apply the image and smooth out any wrinkles. Keep doing this applying and smoothing process a small amount at a time until you get around the whole piece. If you do get a wrinkle, you can gently smooth it out with the handle of your paint brush. Let it dry and then give the whole piece another final coat or two of the Mod Podge for protection.

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

The finished piece should be nice and straight with smooth lines and no creases.

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

I hope this DIY has inspired you! Happy crafting.


Till next time,


PS - Please share your finished pieces with me on my FAN PAGE

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