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Where I Go To Find Inspiration


One of my favorite places to visit when I need to do some research for a project, or if I'm just looking for ideas for new collections, is a used book store called Page One.

Believe me, I could spend hours looking through books and Page One has thousands of titles. I enjoy books so much! I love the feel of the pages and the smell of books. Turning each page is like a gift because as I'm looking through, visions start forming in my mind and I know it is a start for a new creation to come to life! Being in a room full of books is a powerful thing for me. My imagination runs wild!

Books are especially helpful when I'm doing research for my high profile clients like DreamWorks Animation. When I was commissioned to create paintings of How To Train Your Dragon and Puss In Boots, I not only used their animated films for reference (of course!), but I also tried to get my hands on any book that they published for concept ideas on how I was going to lay out certain landscapes. I had to create their paintings just perfect as they do not accept anything less than excellence from their artists and at that time there were only about 27 of us in the world creating paintings for their galleries.

Shawna Erback

One of the best things about this little book shop is the very kind owner, Richard. He knows everything about books and if I'm looking for something in particular, it always amazes me how he knows exactly where to find the title among the piles! He is always so helpful and friendly.

He always makes me feel at home and if he sees that I linger in a section for longer than a few minutes, he will bring me a chair. Talk about service! You can also have a cup of coffee or a cold drink while you are looking for your perfect book.

Thanks to shops like this, I'm able to do extra research that I may not be able to do out in the field so it's really helpful. It helps me create the paintings and collections that my customers expect and love from me. Reading and looking through books and magazines is truly one of the keys I use to help unlock my imagination.

Till next time! xo Shawna

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