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I was wandering through my gardens this week and saw so many different varieties of butterflies! I always plant lots of different kinds of flowers to attract them. One of my favorite things to do is sit outside after work with a glass of wine and watch them come and go. Talk about relaxing moments. I need more of those.

After I was taken into emergency a couple weeks ago with chest pains (check my facebook feed for the full story). The doctors told me that I need to rest. I've been going at my business hard for 14+ years and I'm worn out. I'm going to take that advise and not work 12+ hour days anymore. I don't want to be sick. Butterflies make me happy and I hope they make you happy too.

Adult Coloring Club

I've created so many butterfly paintings over the years so it was hard to choose what one to convert into a coloring page. I finally settled on this one. It's called The Journey Home.

Adult Coloring Club

I've already started my page. This time I printed the coloring page onto thick photo paper. I'm using felt tip markers and putting on heavy layers of color so I don't want my page to warp that's why the thicker paper. You can use regular printer paper if you like.

Adult Coloring Club

For a splash of sparkle, I'm gluing on some pretty gems that will catch the light! There can never be too much sparkle as far as I'm concerned! I'm loving how this is turning out!

Adult Coloring Club


I hope you like this download! Have fun everyone and please share your pages with me on my fan page HERE :) :) - Shawna 

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