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Hello everybody,

I wanted to give you a sneak peek at what I'm working on this week. I've been creating some new miniature paintings over the last week or so. There are many reasons why I love to paint miniatures. Miniatures make a perfect addition to your decor when you need just that extra special touch and they always look nice in groupings. Not only do I enjoy painting mini's, I also love collecting miniatures from my favorite artists. When you are just starting your art collection, you might want to start out with miniatures. Here's a miniature I just finished.

This miniature painting features my little girl character painting little hearts into the sunset sky. This piece is very colorful and whimsical. This painting would be a perfect gift for someone who is working hard to make all of their dreams come true. Imagine their delight when they open up your gift of encouragement!

This original, one of a kind painting comes framed in this wooden chic frame. The frame accents this painting perfectly, making it a truly stunning piece to be enjoyed for a lifetime. The colors are bright and vibrant. This piece is ready for display or gifting the moment it arrives.

Till next time, Shawna


(update - sold)

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