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Custom Blythe Story #1 - She's Here

Custom Blythe Story #1

Welcome! This is a new series and adventure. I'm going to take you through my journey of customizing my very first Blythe doll.

I fell in love with Blythe Dolls by accident. I was searching up some supplies on Etsy last year when a listing came up for a beautiful Blythe doll. What is this!? I wondered. I was instantly memorized with the photos of this beautiful creature staring back at me. I was smitten and I knew instantly that this would be a perfect addition to my collections.

She has finally arrived from a long trip from Japan and she's ready for her custom touches. I can't believe how soft and lush her hair is! She is already amazing and I can't wait to get started on her to make her perfect for someone to adopt.

While I was waiting for her to arrive I went shopping for some new clothes for her to wear because I knew she was going to arrive naked. She's wearing a brand new outfit including a custom mohair hat. I'm waiting for some face up supplies to come in and then I can start carving her new look. In the meantime she is really enjoying herself in my studio.

Blythe Custom

She is going to be a Little Red Riding Hood custom. I haven't named her yet but that will come to me later as I'm working on her. Keep checking back for my next post. - Much blythe love. - Shawna

PS - If you would like to be the first to know when she is ready for adoption please email me here info@shawnaerback.com with Blythe Custom #1 in the subject.

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  • Shawna Erback on

    Thanks so much Sharon! I’ll for sure be creating an Alice!! Oh yes I sure will!

  • Sharon Welsh on

    Love your work and can’t wait to see the dolls. Hope you do Alice in Wonderland.

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