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Easy DIY Gifts - Instant Printable Download

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My customers give quite a bit of my artwork as gifts and over the years I've had some great feedback from people telling me that they really love the heartfelt messages in my work. It makes me happy to make you happy!

DIY gifts - Instant Download Printables

Today's feature download is about feeling blue. This is a perfect little gift set for that special someone who is having a tough time or just needs a little pick me up. Be the person who brings light and happiness today. Someone told me one time that when your life is at it's worst, that's the time to think about others and do nice things for them. I always think about that message because it's true. When things aren't going quite right, I like to go out and volunteer. When I get back, I really do feel a lot better!

The title of the original painting was called Butterfly Kisses For Life. The girl is painting little heart bubbles all over the pretty night sky. The delicate bubbles are full of hopes, dreams and lots of love. This printable comes in 5x7 and 8x10 inch sizes for you to print out on your own computer. You can use this artwork for all of your beautiful ideas.

Here I have made this piece into a greeting card and framed art print. This will make a perfect gift pairing. I like to go out to garage sales and auctions to find frames for my artwork. I printed out the 5x7 inch printable for this set. 

Instant Download Printable

Instant download printable

I hope you try out this easy DIY gift today! As always, if you need any help with sizing or questions after purchasing, I'm always here to help. 

Happy Crafting, Shawna


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