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Featured Etsy Shop - Little Gem Girl


With over 23,000 Etsy sales, Little Gem Girl designs gives any outfit a boost with their custom jewelry. This fabulous shop has been featured in numerous online publications and more recently, on Brides.com!

I partnered with Little Gem Girl a couple of years ago and ever since, they have have been creating an amazing collection of fantasy and whimsical necklaces from my original artwork. Here are some of my favorites that they make. 


Little Gem Girl - Shawna Erback Collection

Love these so much! I ordered a bunch for my last Christmas show and they all sold out very quickly!

Necklace Keys Shawna Erback Collection by Little Gem Girl

Shawna Erback Jewelry by Little Gem Girl

Little Gem Girl was founded in 2011. What started as a Mother's Day jewelry gift soon grew into a blossoming e-commerce business. But first, here's a little history...

"I inherited the ability to draw from my Grandma and Mom and spent much of my youth developing that skill through painting and charcoal sketching. In my teens, I developed a love of photography and photo editing. Then, in recent careers I had the opportunity to try my hand at graphic design while working in the Real Estate business. All of what I learned was self taught, through trial and error. Then an idea was born...What if I were to combine all of these skills - like a superpower! What could I create? Jewelry of course! I made some samples and soon had friends and family members asking for custom creations. And there it began. As the business has grown, I found I needed a little extra help and am happy that my husband decided to join me in this wonderful venture." Andrea - Little Gem Girl

Peacock Pendant on Etsy

Rapunzel Pendant on Etsy

It makes me happy to be partnered with this creative shop on Etsy! 




Ps - Are you a shop or store that uses printable downloads from my Etsy Shop to make custom jewelry or other designs? Be sure to submit your store for a possible feature. Contact me through Etsy convo's.

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