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Meeting Country Superstar Johnny Reid


Did I ever tell you about the time that I got to meet Johnny Reid? It was at a show that I was invited to in Hamilton, ON. We were setting up backstage at the Canadian Country Music Awards a few years ago.

Johnny Reid

It's a day I'll never forget because it was the first time that I was invited to mingle with superstars. Some people say they are just like everyone else. That's not true. It's not every day that I get to show my art and designs to a room full of people that can literally change my life and company overnight. The amount of press and orders that came out of this one show when I returned home was more than I could ever imagine. When I go back to look over the photos I still get goosies!

So my sister Linnea and I were setting up my table and getting all of my artwork ready and unpacking boxes and stuff when we heard someone walking behind us singing quietly to themselves. There was a black curtain separating our section so we could not see who it was, but we didn't have to. It was Johnny Reid singing Let's Go Higher in his amazingly soothing voice. Linnea and I looked up at each other and we shared one of the most surreal moments of our lives. We could not help ourselves and had to peek behind the curtain and yup, it was him. We got to listen to his rehearsal and then after that he came by to see us.  

He was so very nice and told me he would put this artwork up in his daughters room and I was so thrilled about it. This piece is called Following Her Dreams and I have limited ed canvas prints HERE.

I'll leave you to enjoy my favorite song from Johnny Reid. This song is on my YouTube playlist that I listen to while I paint. ♥ Shawna


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