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Meeting Deidre Hall


I was almost finished setting up for a special event in Beverly Hills with my sisters and mom when the show hosts calmly walked over and said that Deidre Hall had arrived and was going to have a private viewing of my artwork.


Deidre Hall

This was a huge event. Puss In Boots was up for a nomination and I was chosen to show a collection of artwork that was commissioned by DreamWorks Animation. I had no idea who was going to be here at this dreamy rooftop party at the L'ermitage.

Beverly Hills

Morning of set up. We had an amazing view of the Hollywood sign.

I've shown my artwork and designs at many shows over the past 15 years and have met lots of people but nothing prepares you for the moment when you are actually going to meet someone from your list. You know, the fantasy list of people you would love to meet one day but know it will never happen.

Deidre Hall was on my list and at that moment I was trying to climb out of the blanket of darkness that was starting to surround me. I knew people were talking to me but I couldn't hear them. Why did everyone sound so far away? I took a deep breath. 

I grew up watching Deidre Hall. My Grandmother loved watching soaps and when I was in high school my friends and I were totally addicted to Days Of Our Lives, we would record it every day and then all gather at someone's house on the weekends to watch all afternoon.

Deidre is a part of some of my best memories with my friends growing up. I still remember like yesterday the episode when Marlena came back from the dead and Roman saw her on the pier for the first time. My friends and I talked about that for weeks.

Deidre Hall

When she came over she even more stunning in person. It was so easy to talk to her and she was extremely friendly and to me and my girls. We had a really nice conversation and of course I had to tell her I couldn't believe she was here with me. She took my hand and held it for a sec. I thought that was really nice. She spent quite a bit of time talking to us and I was just so happy to know that she was as wonderful in person as on TV.

I found out that we have something in common! Deidre is also an artist and she uses her artwork in a wonderful way to help others. She has combined her love of watercolor with her dedication to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Deidre Hall Artwork

Thanks for reading and a special thank you to Deidre Hall for making an already fabulous event even more memorable.

Fan for life,


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  • Vicky Rice on

    Love Deidre Hall , I didn’t know she painted and for such a wonderful cause. My husband is retired military and I have seen my share of wounded vets, bless her for what she is doing.

  • Kaye on

    Did receive Hall is amazing! I have met her one time as well and in that moment you are truly mesmerized. Just in awe. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Laurel on

    So awesome Shawna! I love your art and hearing your rewards!

  • Angella on
    I grew up watching Deidre too! I am so glad to hear that she’s as beautiful inside as she is outside. Gorgeous watercolors and fantastic cause to support. Thank you for sharing :)
  • Shirley on

    Two beautiful artists and two kind, loving people. Please enter me

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